Ford 7.3L HPOP Hose Set

Ford 7.3L HPOP Hose Set

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Product description
DieselSite replacement HPOP lines for all 1994-2003 7.3L Powerstroke engines. Kit comes complete with stainless fittings for both the heads and oil pump. Both lines are stainless braided high pressure hoses with anti-abrasion coating and all stainless steel ends.

No more leaky or failed quick-connect style hoses.

There is no "correct" orientation of the two lines.  All that matters is that the lines run from the pump and connect to an oil rail port on separate heads (one line per head).  If you feel the need to connect to a different oil rail port than your OE lines, we included 2 new o-rings to use on your rail plugs.

Installed on an 02' Superduty

Installed on a 96' OBS