Fuel Filter / Water Separator for Marine Outboard Motors

Fuel Filter / Water Separator for Marine Outboard Motors

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Product description
Hardware kit comes with 1 1/2" stainless steel bolts for mounting in sheet metal. If you must mount through transom, or other thick area, you may need longer bolts available at any hardware store. They are 3/8" bolts.

It's all in the FUEL - Literally. Contaminants such as rust, dirt, scale and water can damage fuel injectors, pumps, and rust fuel system components resulting in costly repairs. Works on ANY size outboard. We built the system with 3/8" fuel hose with adapters to adapt to the fuel line in your particular boat. This will work on any AIRBOAT as well! Tired of water contamination? We were also. This separator filters out emulsified water as well as filtering out particulates to 2 microns. Most all watercraft motor repairs are from water contamination. Stop the hassles and install this system. Installs in minutes- depends on your configuration of course. You can visually see when water is present in the bowl. Simply drain the water from the bowl with the drain valve.

The Photos above were taken at local repair facilities of parts AFTER the factory fuel filters. Most fuel / water filters do nothing to really separate water from emulsion.

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This is the same proven technology we have used on the fuel systems we have made for Truck Fuel System for Years.

There is a separator cone in the bowl of the filter that removes water and all large particles. Removing the larger particles in this manner greatly extends the life of the filter element. The fuel then travels into the upper section through a 2 micron particle separator. At this point, you have very clean, water free fuel traveling through your system. With a quick peek at the clear bowl you can view for water and dirt. The water is removed by opening the petcock. As always we use the Dahl brand replacement elements. Dahl perfected this concept and it is still the best. Although we have always used Dahl in our fuel systems, we purchased and tested different brands before making this final decision to stick with this filter.Our Fuel Housing is made from high quality 6160 Billet Aluminum, not cast aluminum. The first set of pictures compares our unit to a very popular 10 micron fuel water filter with cast aluminum housing, clear sight bowl (not a cone for separation) and patented filter element. This filter element does a good job of stopping water molecules at 10 microns from passing through to the motor, but does not address emulsified water. The ONLY way to stop emulsified water is separate it by forcing it out through a separator cone. Other manufactures offer this separation, but their units are very long (11.5"" minimum length) and have very large threaded ports (3/4-16 SAE). Getting this to fit is challenging for most. Our system is just under 7"" in height.

Here you can see how salt water eats cast aluminum in a few short years. Billet 6061 is much more resistant. It will dull over time, but will far outlast the cast counterparts.


YAMAHA V-MAX HPDI 250 HP- customer built angle bracket to mount.