2008-2010 6.4L Complete Boot Kit with Clamps

2008-2010 6.4L Complete Boot Kit with Clamps

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The kit includes the two boots that connect the intercooler pipes to the intake manifold and the two boots that connect the intercooler pipes to the intercooler. It includes four T-bolt spring clamps for the upper boots and 4 T-bolt spring clamps for the intercooler hoses. The spring bolt clamps are 300 series stainless steel with zinc coated bolts with a 300lb clamping strength. Recommended torque is 60 in/lbs. Extra clamps are available as an option for severe boost numbers. Our upper boots are made slightly longer than stock in order to accommodate multiple clamps. In most cases, what is supplied will more than suffice the normal user.



This boot kit is designed to replace leaking, deteriorated boots on the 2008 6.4L Ford Powerstroke. Stock boot material is silicon. However, this type of material is NOT oil compatable. This is unacceptable in our application as the Powerstroke incorporates a closed crankcase vent system. This means oil travels thru the intake and comes in constant contact with the boots. This oil contact causes deterioration and leaks due to the incompatibility of the silicon boots and the oil from your crankcase. In fact, if you have seen an oil mist all over the valley of your PSD and wondered where it was coming from, chances are it was caused by leaking, deteriorated stock boots. The stock boots WILL leak air and oil. In many cases, 3-4psi leaks are very common.

As an added bonus, this boot kit will keep those who put out higher than normal boost numbers from "blowing boots". Higher boost in the PSD can stretch the limits of a saturated set of factory boots and could blow your boots right off. In some cases, guys with numbers MUCH lower still running the stock boots saturated with oil, having lost their integrity and gripping ability can have their boots slip off as well. Not quite as dramatic, but still a bummer. Even a stock truck can have problems keeping boots on if they become saturated with oil.


As with all of our DIESELSITE.COM "Originals", these are QUALITY PARTS. We ordered sample upon sample of hose material and clamps until we were satisfied with the quality of the parts and certain of their integrity in our application. Our boots are made of hose that is reinforced with synthetic fabric. It will not kink or collapse. The special synthetic rubber is exceptionally resistant to heat, ozone, gasoline, gasohol, methanol, ethanol and diesel fuel. It can withstand the engine heat and 100psi boost pressure. This is virtually "indestructable" boot material.


A little specific info on our boots.

Our boots are Flourolastomer lined to handle oil, heat, etc. They have a 5 ply braided center section, and a textured outer rubber cover to grip on to the clamps.

Fluoroelastomers are synthetic, rubber-like materials used in gaskets, O-rings and hoses. Their unique properties make these products ideal for high-performance aerospace and automotive applications or environments that are extremely harsh and challenging.

These are not cheap silicon hoses. These are top quality (best that can be made) tubes that are indivdually molded. These are not cut sections of some hose length. The most important thing you need to know is : Silicone hose is NOT compatible with fuel or oil.

There are other options out there for cheap hoses, like those that sell silicon hoses, but for those that want the absolutely best hoses you can buy, we made the units you see on our web site.

6.4L special note: The 6.4L has an issue that we have seen with extraordinarily high charge air temps on the hot side of the intercooler. For this reason, the OEM boots don't seem to hold up very long with hot programs or in many cases, even stock trucks. When the boot gets hot enough, the nylon fibers in the hose actually melt and break down, causing the boot to tear or just stretch enough to slip out from under the clamp. For this reason, we re-engineered our new boots with a special synthetic fiber, similar to those used in aerospace applications and body armor. This fabric that is exceptionally resistant to heat and is extremely strong.